Individual Investors

Eliminate the stress of creating a diversified portfolio and monitoring it on a daily basis.

You work hard for your money. Now take the next step and let OIA invest it for you.  We offer investment management & advice - without the hassle, high fees, or high account minimums.  Regardless of whether your objective is wealth accumulation, wealth preservation or building a legacy for your family, we provide you with a wide range of investment management services to meet all of your needs.


OIA’s ETF Risk-Targeted Portfolios — ranging from Aggressive to Conservative —are monitored daily and actively adjusted on a regular basis to match the prevailing global economic environment in order to enhance return while minimizing risk.  Our professionally managed portfolios offer you a simple and convenient way to invest in a diversified portfolio that meets your specific investment needs given your tolerance for risk. 


Most individuals don’t have the patience, time or comprehensive understanding of the financial markets to create and invest their own money within a well-defined and rigorous investment management process.  OIA can help you create a dynamic and diversified portfolio that is managed in the most cost effective way with the minimal amount of effort on your part.








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