James Bridgewater commenced his career in 1978 working for Commodity Analysis Limited, a City of London based commodity broker. Over the next eleven years James traded most of the London and U.S futures markets, and gradually moved from being a broker/dealer to managing discretionary portfolios for private clients.  


James moved from London to the British Virgin Islands in 1989, after a brief stint working for an offshoot of Bridgewater Associates in CT.


James is a former director of Beacon Capital Management Limited where he managed discretionary portfolios for private clients and handled order flow for a large U.S based hedge fund.


James is an avid sailor and was Vice Commodore of the BVI Yacht Club, and then subsequently Commodore of the newly named and royal warranted Royal BVI Yacht Club. 

Over a decade, Patrice E. Horner created a successful pension investment management business. She had direct oversight for investment selection, trading relationships with international custodians, and on-going communication with the 12,000 members. She has also presented widely on the topics of pension planning and on Insurance Linked Securities (ILS). Horner’s experience extends to real estate asset management and mortgage analysis whereby she valued real estate holdings for insurance companies such as Pacific Mutual and Continental Life. She is also active in the yachting community as a member of the RHADC Race Committee. Horner is distinguished as a Certified Financial Planner- CFP® - US, a European QFA, and has a MBA-Finance from the Seidman College of Business and a recognized writer and presenter on Financial Matters.








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