Wealth Management

Our low-cost, easy-to-understand investment plans give our clients peace of mind that their hard earned money is being managed professionally.  This means that we take the burden of constantly monitoring the financial markets and making portfolios adjustments out of our clients’ hands so they do not have to.  


Regardless of whether your objective is wealth accumulation, wealth preservation or building a legacy, we provide you with a wide range of wealth management services—including financial planning and asset management—so that you can achieve a successful financial life.


The investment strategy right for you must be considered in the context of your overall financial plan, short- and long-term objectives, risk tolerance and preferences.  We work closely with you to identify these components in order to create a plan that clearly articulates and defines your priorities and concerns, as well as defines how you want to work with us.   It has been our experience that potential clients who go through this process become investors who are better equipped to make educated decisions about their financial futures.


Furthermore, since asset allocation is not a one-time event we rebalance your portfolio every quarter in order to enhance performance and reduce risk. Rebalancing is a management protocol in which, at the end of a certain period the amount of money in each asset class within your portfolio is brought back to a predetermined percentage of the total portfolio. By setting a pattern of rebalancing, you become accustomed to taking profits from winners and depositing them into investments poised for growth.


Finally, we understand that your life is dynamic—plans and priorities are re-evaluated and changed.  Therefore, we meet with as needed to review and update your investment plan.




Financial Planning

Outliving retirement assets is one of the biggest risks that individuals face while in retirement.  According to Allianz, one of the largest financial services companies in the world, 82% of workers in retirement plans who are married with dependents fear outliving their money.


Careful retirement planning is crucial for protecting your current assets from inflation and for accumulating more wealth.   We help our clients with all aspects of financial management and advice, but one of the most important things we do is help investors answer the following questions in order to ensure they meet their retirement objectives:

  • How much money will I need in retirement? 

  • How long will these funds need to last? 

  • How do I create a plan to ensure that I have enough money?


For many people, these questions can be stressful and are often put off and left unanswered for too long.  We help our clients answer these fundamental retirement questions and then develop a plan to meet their objectives.











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